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Keep all your to-dos right in your wallpaper.


Need to remember todo something? Just add it to your wall so it never gets lost. Give it a deadline or mark it as urgent and when it's done just check it off and all these changes would be reflected on your wall. With this dynamic nature, you can sort out your priorities with a quick glance.


A customizable real time clock right on your wall, so you never miss your next deadline. Display it in 12 and 24 hour formats and show it whenever and wherever you like.


Complete control over how and when the wall is being set.

Start it in the background so the wall dynamically updates with the time and when you update your lists.

Stop it when you don't want real time changes.

Or set the wall manually and only when you make changes to your lists.


Get notification alerts for deadlines so you don't have to worry about remembering when you need to get something done. Leave that to Focus Wall, while you focus on what's most important at the moment.


  • Clean Design: The app and wall have a clean and consistent design to keep distractions away.
  • Launch on Start: The app starts with you when you turn on the computer. This makes the clock be in sync with your local time.
  • Several Screen Positions: Select from several positions on your screen for where you'd like each list and the clock to be displayed.
  • Multiple Lists: Have up to four different lists at various positions on your wall at the same time.
  • Textures and Colors: Choose from a variety of textures and colors to use on your wall based on your tastes and mood.
  • Privacy: For privacy and protection, everything you do within the app stays in the app and your data never leaves your device.
  • Fonts and Scaling: Customize the font and their scale on the wall to find the balance that best fits your workflow.
  • And even MORE!: Minimize to system tray, set text alignment, easy to use, HEX color pickers, minimalist interface, ...


Currently available only on Windows 10. Support for other platforms (including Mac and Linux) coming soon.


Pay just once and receive all futures updates and features for free, forever.

Dynamic WallpaperYes
Modify ColorsYes
Future Lifetime UpdatesFree
Size64 MB
File TypeExe
PlatformWindows 10 or later
LanguagesMulti language support

You can visit the official website for more details:


For any queries, suggestions, improvements, tips or just about anything else, you can always reach out via socials or the website

Focus Wall [Lite] is the free version of Focus Wall. The differences of both these version are listed in the table below.

Focus Wall [Lite]

Focus Wall

Single ListMultiple Lists
No Notifications
Deadlines Notifications
Single FontVarious Fonts
Start ManuallyLaunch On Start
Limited BackgroundsAll Backgrounds
Manually Set WallpaperAuto Set Wallpaper
No Clock SupportLive Wallpaper Clock

To get the full Focus Wall experience, you can check it out here:



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Click download now to get access to the following files:

Focus Wall [Lite] Setup 1.1.1.exe 64 MB
Focus Wall [Lite] Setup 1.1.0.exe 64 MB


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I dunno if this project is abandoned yet but can you add a Unicode font as if i wanna use it with my native language? Thank you.

Hi, it's not abandoned, in fact it was just released 3 days ago! So do stay tuned for further updates.

And of course, a Unicode font will be added in the next update. Also, could you let me know which language you'd like to use it with so I can test it out before shipping?

Thanks for your feedback!


My language is Vietnamese, it will be really nice if you can add it.

(1 edit)

The Vietnamese Unicode font will be added within this week.

In the meantime, you can check out the main Focus Wall app as it comes bundled with several fonts.

(1 edit)


The app (both the Main and the Lite versions) have been update to support multiple languages including Vietnamese!

Hope you have a nice experience using it in your language.